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About Us - Capitol Residence

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Capitol Residence

CAPITOL RESIDENCE is an essential part of multipurpose business - residential complex CAPITOL MALL & RESIDENCE, located in the heart of the municipality of Aerodrom in Skopje.

With the construction of Capitol Mall & Residence the surrounding location of the premises increase their value and whereabouts’, because its area amplify the trade and business capacity and, of course, increasing the offer and competitiveness on the market.

The complex itself gives significance to the living standards of the citizens, making it attractive and urban, with variety of trademarks, supermarket, restaurant and Fast-food area, Kids center, Fitness club, reserved and free parking lot ant different other services. Simply said: Capitol Mall & Residence brings a new life style in Skopje and Macedonia.

The design of the apartments reflects the well-known quality in construction of the investor - City Plaza company, with carefully considered architectural details and rational solutions.

Capitol Mall & Residence was created with a single idea in mind: to be an oasis of comfortable living for its residents – active busy people who appreciate the quality of the living environment for them and their children.