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Investitor Information - Capitol Residence

Apartments Gallery

Investor information


Existing on the market for more than two decades, CITY PLAZA is providing construction services as main business. The organizational status is settled in three sectors comprising of: investments, design and construction. On Macedonian market, CITY PLAZA, functions as a part of the construction consortium with PERA CONSTRUCTION International and the STONE BRIDGE Hotel in Skopje.

Each company of the holding possesses relevant business licenses for the Macedonian market such as all certificates and authorizations sustaining professionalism of the personal and adequate organizational structure of the companies, everything in order to follow high standards, quality, deadlines and realization dynamic according with the European standards and normative. The result of the main business is construction of administrative premises, residential and big industrial capacities. In the recent period of time CITY PLAZA had realized capital objects unique by their nature and usage.

Some of them are as follows: the business complex NLB Tutunska Bank and CITY PLAZA headquarters in the main center of Skopje; JOHNSON MATEY and KEMET plants in the tax free zone Bunardjik; The administrative building of the Nederland’s embassy in Skopje; The terminal building of TAV international airport in Skopje – Petrovec; CRONBERG & SHUBERT plant in the tax free zone Zabeni – Bitola; Mall-residential complex CAPITOL MALL & RESIDENCE in Skopje – Municipality of Aerodrom; Hotel Hilton – Double Tree by Hilton in Skopje, Municipality of Aerodrom (on-going project), etc.


We have combined outstanding products with excellent sanitary technology, design and sustainability. Our approach minimizes water and energy consumption crucial for everyday living.

Capitol Residence is designed to meet all your needs in one of the best developed urban areas of Skopje, municipality of Aerodrom.

The design of the apartments reflects the quality in construction of City Plaza with carefully considered architectural details and rational solutions. There are many options in the project fulfilling different needs from studio type apartments to 3+1 and terrace apartments. The designed project of small boutique building and luxury apartments CAPITOL MALL & RESIDENCE was created with a single idea in mind: to be an oasis of comfortable living for its residents – active busy people who appreciate the quality of the living environment for them and their children.

The management team CITY PLAZA will be responsible for adequate coordination and management of the complex, which shall assure professional organization of monitoring and security, cleaning and hygiene such as concluding services agreements with service providers providing continuous functioning of the complex in general.

ISO 9001 : 2008
field of certification - design, engineering & construction of industrial premises, hydro - technical plants, purifying stations, storage, malls, residential & commercial premises;

OHSAS 18001 : 2007
field of certification - design, engineering & construction of industrial premises, hydro - technical plants, purifying stations, storage, malls, residential & commercial premises;