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Location - Capitol Residence


Located on the boulevard Jane Sandanski no.71A in municipality of Aerodrom, Capitol Mall & Residence is on construction parcel area of 5.475m2, gross built up area of 33.500m2 with a height of 7 floors h=28,4m, from which 12.000m2 are belonging to the Shopping Mall premises positioned on 4 floors, and the remaining 8.000m2 are belonging for Residential apartments on 4 floors, offered as unique and attractive offer on the real-estate market for sales in Skopje and Macedonia.

The best organization and functioning of the complex is provided by easy access (both sides: Block A and Block B – orientation South – North); supported by parking area solved in three levels, with gross area of 13.500m2, organized with two (on way) ramps, entry and exit. The parking contains 450 parking places on three levels and outside parking area for ten vehicles intended for supply and commercial load of materials and goods.